3DR Solo Leg Extenders (XLarge!)

So I’ve just bought a Sony a5100 (awesome little camera) and am in the process of fitting it to my 3DR Solo drone. At the moment I have it attached via an adaptor to the hard mounted GoPro mount. It points straight down. However, with the stock legs the lens is dangerously close to the ground; this is not ideal.

Dangerously little clearance with stock leg extenders!

There are a few leg extenders floating around but most were either to small or unnecessarily complicated to print. I decided to just design my own. I call it, Simple Solo Leg Extender – super original name right? They don’t need any support and will print on basically any printer. Did I mention they’re also extra large? They add roughly 5cm of additional ground clearance to Solo. My a5100 is much happier now it’s less likely to get a scratched up lens.

And Fin !

Download the STL file here


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Hi Rafael, it didn’t noticably affect the flight characteristics when I was doing gentle relaxed flying. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything remotely considered acrobatic unless you have a good, sturdy mounting system. It actually weighs the same as the GoPro and Solo Gimbal.

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