3DR Solo DSLR & 1/4″ Tripod Mount Adaptor

If you’ve seen my 3DR Solo xtra large leg extenders post, you might be wondering what I used to attach my Sony a5100 to my Solo. Well I used the “pretty” face plate thing that comes with solo.  (for use without a gimbal)  It has a hard mounted GoPro adaptor on it and for now this will suffice. It’s basically a little right angle GoPro to 1/4″ tripod mount adaptor with an offset 1/4″ mount to roughly centre the a5100 and ensure it’s as small as possible.

You can download my STL file for the print via the link at the end of this post.  You can see this mount in action in the photo below.  I highly recommending that you take it slow and easy.  The “rubber stoppers” to help combat gello/vibrations are designed to take a ~85g GoPro, not a ~400g compact DSLR.  I highly recommend tethering the Sony to the Solo just in case the mount fails.

I recommend using leg extenders like these for some extra clearance!

It’s important to print the mount so that when you look down on the print bed from above you see an L shape.  This ensures the layers aren’t parallel to the camera body.  It’s extremely weak when printed this way.

Download the 3DR Solo 1/4″ Tripod Mount Adaptor STL file

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