sonoff home automation products

I’ve discovered a really cool product that is cheaper to buy than what I was making them for. ¬†Plus it looks a lot neater and is probably safer seeing as I’m not a qualified electrician. ūüėČ

These sonoff “smart switches” (link) are exactly what my home automation system is looking for. ¬†Basically, the sonoff switches has a mains to 3.3v regulator, relay, ESP8266 and a button/LED all on board. ¬†For about $5. ¬†The manufacturer has even¬†broken out the serial pins so it’s easy to upload your own code. ¬†I’ve bought about 10 of these little devices after hearing great reviews¬†about them from the internet.

I intend on automating as much as I can with my home. ¬†I’m going to make all the automation switches MQTT compliant which make it easier to expand and/or change things around later. ¬†I’m going to be making a personal companion (much like Siri or Alexa) that can answer useful questions and do some cool things around the house. ¬†Eventually, small remote control modules likely running raspberry pi zero’s will be placed around the house so you can pick one up and ask the house to do things.

I’ll post an update when the sonoff modules arrive and post heaps of pictures!

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